What is Swarovski crystal?

Talking jewelry without mentioning Swarovski crystals is utter joke. What is Swarovski Crystal? You won’t find any jewelry enthusiast who doesn’t add a perfect flavor of Swarovski crystals to their classy taste for jewelry.  

Swarovski crystals named after their creator Daniel Swarovski are a magnificent illustration of pure class what man can achieve with his intellect. Glass cutter by profession, Daniel Swarovski revolutionized the world of jewelry and fashion with his colossal invention of a glass cutting machine that used hydro-electricity to cut the crystals with sheer precision that could not be achieved via hands.  

He made this humungous invention in 1892 and patented it. In 1895, Swarovski along with his partners, established a crystal cutting factory in Wattens, Tyrol (Austria). Now, Swarovski has more than twenty five thousand employees and Swarovski’s fifth generation is now in charge of this leading and hot business.

Besides manufacturing of crystal products, Swarovski is also well known for the production of optical instruments. In 1977, Swarovski finally inaugurated their very own jewelry collection. In 1950’s, Swarovski collaborated with many well renowned designers of the decade to produce masterpieces that revolutionized the fashion industry of the time.

Alluring to the eyes, Swarovski crystals were used in great numbers by various Hollywood designers of that time to add shimmering effect to their designed outfits.

            If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to diamonds, Swarovski crystal takes care for all your desires in a much cheaper budget. It’s like paying through the nose when buying diamonds. As shimmering as diamonds, people can get these crystals for a song as compared to diamonds.

This is the reason why most of the people prefer to buy jewelry items embedded with Swarovski crystals instead of diamonds and get best of the both worlds. Swarovski achieved his dream with sheer passion and intellect. His dream was to create “a diamond for everyone”.

             Ever wondered that what makes Swarovski crystals luxurious, elegant and sparkling? It is due to higher than average index of refraction which Swarovski crystals attain due to the addition and proportion of some secret ingredients added while formulating glass.

No one exactly knows how Swarovski crystals are exactly made as it is a top company secret. Known ingredients that the company uses in the manufacturing of glass are red lead, quartz sand and sodium carbonate. There are many speculations about the secret ingredients used in the whole manufacturing process, but still, no one has hit the nail on the head.

            Summing all things up regarding Swarovski crystals, they aren’t a gemstone or even a crystal. A Swarovski crystal is just a form of glass that’s achieved by melting various ingredients with lead to form glass what is known as lead crystal. 

The most important aspect lies in the achievement of refraction index similar to that of a diamond which gives them a magnificent sparkling appearance.

Swarovski crystal is undoubtedly the most cost-effective diamond alternative and still delivers the same shimmer. This is the reason why Swarovski’s products are widely used in the fashion industry and relished by various top known designers.

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