How to clean silver jewellery

How to Clean Silver Jewellery | Tips and Guidelines:

Elizabeth Taylor once said that: “Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique”. But imagine this power getting fainter day by day as the twinkling effect of your precious jewellery becomes pale by each passing day and you witness your jewelry’s shattered sparkle. How do you feel? Let me put myself in your shoes. Oh No! Hell No! I feel miserable. Yeah I felt that feeling of yours too. But hey, just relax! Because in this ultimate guide, I will give you some professional and extremely vital tips that can help you revive the original gleam of your silver jewelry similar to when you once bought it straight away.

First things first. Do you know the fundamental culprits that erode the beautiful shine on your silver jewelry? This happens basically due to the sulfur and hydrogen sulfide present in the air. When they come in contact with silver, a chemical reaction takes place and they bond to the silver surface and tend to ruin its sparkle by making it appear dirty and discolored. Of course nobody wants that.

I totally understand the level of soreness one undergoes through once tarnish appears. Good news is that the cure for this mess is as simple as pie. We will get to the cleaning part in a while and let you know how to clean silver jewellery but is there any way by which we can stop silver jewelry from tarnishing? Luckily there is. You just have to prevent it from the chemical reaction to occur by storing it in a cool, dry place and especially away from sunlight. We will also be covering preventative care of silver jewelry in this blog.

Internet is crammed with a lot of methods that suggest you various ways to clean silver jewelry. But many methods have the cons as well. Many websites also do not convey proper precautionary measures to take while cleaning silver jewelry. For example, many platforms do not suggest clearly what to use to clean the silver items besides giving a wholesome information regarding the preparation of cleaning solution.

 Preventative Care:

Wise men say that “Prevention is better than cure”. This strongly holds when you are dealing with sterling silver jewelry because it is very prone to get tarnished. And if it does, you will have to clean it out. In cases where tarnish is not that much severe, you are still at ease because you will not be working hard to get rid of it. Someone once wisely said that “A stich in time saves nine”. If you neglect it, it will surely spread out. Here are some preventive measures to be taken to avoid your dazzling silver jewelry from losing its glow.

Avoid exposure to:

  • Hair Sprays
  • Lotions
  • Perfumes
  • Sunlight
  • Moisture
  • Chemicals
  • Chlorinated water
  • Sulfur containing substances
  • Rubber

Try to:

  • Use anti-tarnish bags to store silver jewelry
  • Place a piece of chalk, charcoal or use silica gel in anti-tarnish bags to help in moisture removal process
  • Use deodorants, perfumes and sprays after wearing the jewelry
  • Wear jewelry frequently. It is a myth that the more you wear it, the more it will tarnish. Actually the friction caused due to wearing the jewelry often and contact with the skin prevents it from tarnishing and it helps in maintaning clean silver jewellery.


In most of the cases where tarnish isn’t that much severe, it is a wise idea to polish your silver jewelry and simply get rid of tarnish in a comparative facile way as compared to other techniques. In order to avoid all the hassles, use the recommended silver cloth or a microfiber cloth. Always perform back and forth motions while polishing. Doing in any other way may result in scratches to become visible. You may end up ruining your precious jewelry. It is also advised not to use excessive polish as it may result in the removal of electroplated layer on top of your jewelry and you might end up wasting your time and an exquisite jewelry item. Are you getting the point of how to clean silver jewellery?

Should you use commercial silver cleaners or not?

The answer is a big NO, because:

  • Though commercial silver cleaning solutions and various items are easy to find on various hardware stores and they are also quite easy to use, but experts report that they have diverse and dire downsides too. Their vapors if inhaled even by mistake can cause an acute damage to your health.
  •  Some commercial silver cleaner manufacturers tend to produce concentrated chemicals to achieve the goal of rapid results. But in doing so, they forget that such chemicals can also cause harm to the anti-tarnish coating of your jewelry, though giving it a short-term sparkle. Your jewelry will tarnish quite often and will require cleaning frequently.
  • Moreover, some commercial silver cleaners come with special warning signs to dispose of hazardous waste properly as they contain concentrated solvents. Ignoring such cautions may cause harm to environment or ground water. It may also cause damage to the skin if contacted.

Homemade Silver Cleaners:

Still not getting back enough sparkle after polishing? Don’t worry pal. Sometimes polish alone isn’t enough to provide a strong glowing whip to revive the shine. I will be providing you with some of the easiest ways to clean silver jewelry at home. But before proceeding, we strongly advise never to clean silver jewelry equipped with pearls and gemstones using homemade silver cleaning remedies. Various gemstones are soft enough to get damaged. Let’s get started to the process of how to clean silver jewellery?

Soap and water:

If soap and water is enough to do the trick, then why get into hassle of preparing various solution to fight tooth and nail to remove tarnish? Give your silver jewelry a soothing dip in a solution of warm water and wild ammonia or any of the phosphate free dishwashing soap and see the magic happen. If this does not work enough, you can go for the following remedies.

Aluminum foil, salt, baking soda and boiling water:

Let’s exploit the greater amount of affinity that aluminum has for sulfur as compared to silver. The idea is to let aluminum displace the silver from silver sulfide and in turn, let free the silver metal from silver sulfide.

            To do this, place a sheet of aluminum foil in a bowl with dull side facing down. Now place the tarnished silver jewelry on top of the foil. Make sure that the jewelry makes a clean contact with the foil. Now, heat some water in a pan fair enough that your jewelry items can be completely immersed in water. Add some salt in the boiling water too. Now, pour a cup or two of baking soda into the hot water. When you feel that salt and baking soda has dissolved in water, take off the pan from the stove and pour this hot water in a bowl containing your jewelry to be cleaned and aluminum foil. Now sit back and have a cup of coffee. Let the magic happen and witness tremendous radiant jewelry as if you have bought it right now. Take your jewelry out after a few hours and dry it clean with a microfiber or polishing cloth.

Lemon juice, dry milk and salt:

Take one table spoon of lemon juice in a bowl. Add half cup of water. Stir the solution. Now add half cup of instant dry milk. Stir the solution again. Now soak your jewelry in this bowl and leave it for one night. You will be surprised to see your dazzling jewelry the next day. Take out the jewelry and clean it with your polishing cloth. Avoid rubbing too hard as it may leave scratches on the surface.

Laundry Detergent:

Add a half cup of laundry detergent into a bowl of hot water. Immerse your oxidized jewelry in it. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Remove your jewelry and rub it with a polishing or a microfiber cloth. You will see a significant shine than before.

Summary: Everyone desires to preserve the twinkle of their precious jewelry. With proper preventative measures listed in this blog above, you can make sure that your jewelry serves as a source of pleasure and enjoyment for you. Even if it tarnishes, Use any of the methods listed above in our blog to revive its shine. We have not mentioned some of the homemade silver jewelry cleaning methods due to their cons and damage to the jewelry against their use. These methods include using ketchup etc.   The best method reported by experts and even witnessed by us is the aluminum foil method. But always remember, be gentle when it comes to polishing your jewelry with silver polishing cloth to avoid unwanted scratches. Never wait for tarnish to get rigid enough that it becomes problematic. Give your jewelry a new life and always look classy and radiant by wearing your dazzling silver jewelry. Hope your conncerns about how to clean silver jewellery will be resolved uptill now.

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